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The winged common podkoznik is a large (up to 2 cm long) dark-colored insect. The female gadfly lays one oval-shaped egg with a shiny surface for each hair of the animal. Larvae of subcutaneous gadflies, penetrating under the skin, and then into the spinal canal and other internal organs of aceon pills, cause mechanical damage to tissues, accompanied by inflammatory processes of the regressive-exudative type.

Clearly expressed from the moment the larvae approach the skin of the back and the formation of nodules. On the animal's body, 90% of the nodules are localized in the sacrum, on the chest, neck and other places. Animals lose fatness, lag behind in growth, cows have reduced milk yield. The diagnosis of hypodermatosis is established in the conditions of Belarus from March to September inclusive. By identifying seals and nodules by palpation. In autumn, an allergic diagnosis of hypodermatosis is carried out.

The clinical form of hypodermatosis is treated with ivermectim at a dose of 3 ml per animal weighing 150 kg or more, for smaller animals this drug is used at a dose of 2 ml. Effective and ivermectim 1% 1 ml per 50 kg of body weight, as well as intradermal administration of ivermectim 1% 0.2 ml once. Prevention and control measures. During the mass summer of perindopril pills, animals are grazed at night or transferred to order perindopril. Preventive spraying of animals with a 0.1% solution of cypermethrin or ectomine is effective.

In September-November, all cattle older than 3 months. of age, animals weighing 150 kg or more are treated with ivermectim at a dose of 3 ml subcutaneously, animals weighing up to 150 kg - 2 ml. Intradermal administration of ivermectim 1%, 0.2 ml once, is also effective. Gnus - blood-sucking two-winged flying insects. These include mosquitoes, midges, midges, horseflies, some blood-sucking flies. Many species of these insects are not only dangerous ectoparasites, but also carriers of many pathogens of animal diseases, including zoonoses.

In farms and settlements, it is necessary to carry out measures that limit the breeding of midges by reclamation of wetlands, regulation of water in reservoirs. It is important to carry out land reclamation and hydrotechnical works, the construction of dams and dams that prevent large river overflows, cleaning the banks and riverbeds from shrubs, backfilling small reservoirs, etc. In case of a massive attack of midges on animals, they must be transferred from wetlands to buy aceon online, well-ventilated areas, grazing animals (to prevent the attack of midges, midges and mosquitoes) in the daytime, and in the event of an attack by horseflies - in the morning and evening. Sometimes night grazing of animals is practiced.

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It is low toxic. Animals are treated at an air temperature of at least 18ВєРЎ in a 0.1% concentration based on the consumption of the working emulsion per adult animal of 5-10 liters. Milk for food is allowed to be used after 6 hours, meat - 7 days after the processing of livestock.

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BUTOX (deltamethrin) is a synthetic pyrethroid with low toxicity. LD50 for white rats when administered orally in an aqueous suspension is 5000 mg/kg. Against insects, butox is applied to buy perindopril in a 0.0025% concentration. Slaughter of animals for meat and consumption of milk is allowed immediately after the application of butox.